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  The babiDADDI SHOW is one of the first to let men express their feelings about DADDIHOOD. We don't choose the topic as we'd rather let the testimonies speak for themselves. There are a lot of young Dads out there that have questions in regards to the challenges they face with child support laws and court, child protective services, or just getting out of jail because of child support issues who need answers but no one to answer them nor do they know where to begin to find the answers. This youtube channel provides a way of communicating with other men who are currently going through or have already gone through the same challenges that these DAD's face every day. We utilize this channel by getting men to provide their testimonies so that others can become educated on how the system affects them. We also share videos of our “Legal Dicussions” which include a group of supporters of the babbiDADDI movement. Most of all, this YouTube Channel is our way of giving and receiving support by sharing our personal experiences in hopes of establishing relationships with other dads. The end result will help build a network that can be utilized throughout our communities and beyond to bring about change in the right direction.  

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