We took the "Y" out and put in the "i" in babi to demonstrate "I" am in my kid's life. The "I" in DADDI demonstrates “I” am responsible. "I" am HERE.



Don't have a DEADBEAT babiDADDI


Kid's can tell the difference

babiDADDI LoGo


babiDADDI logo

The COLOR in babiDADDI’s logo symbolizes all races of men. It means that when it comes to being present as a daddi, the color of our skin makes no difference. We gather around a common cause and helping each other as equals only makes our sense of community grow stronger. 


New Breed of babiDADDI

There is a new breed of men out here. We know how it feels to not have our fathers in our lives, but we are no longer victims of this vicious cycle. We are brave enough to start a new chapter and give this next generation the care and safety they need to develop to their fullest. 

Being present is more than a show, it’s the realization that daily choices are the building blocks for better humans, and thus, better homes, communities and nations. We are stepping in to make sure more kids have a stable upbringing with both parental figures, reducing hardships from economical and emotional imbalance that single parent households lay on our kids. 

Let's ignite a major change and give a new meaning to the name babiDADDI. Instead of an absent father figure it should evoke the learning process of becoming a father. And by learning we mean changing diapers, fixing bottles, late night runs to the emergency room, helping with homework and celebrating new achievements as they walk through life knowing for sure they are loved. Only then do we feel deserving of our children calling us father.



real fathers

Learn how to be real fathers

We are a support network for the new breed of babiDADDI  out there

We are the ones who want to be in their children’s lives

We are taking action to learn how to be real fathers

We know how it feels to not have our fathers in our lives

We are together to learn and teach how to break the cycle of absent father figures that’s going on for too long.

The babiDADDI initiative came off with a system of support for the ones who are willing to deserve being called father but get lost in the custody and child care paperwork and sometimes can’t afford to get professional help. We created an information sharing network based on the paths we’ve already walked and we offer an alternative for earning the resources to step on your own way to daddihood.

"What’s in the name" babiDADDI


The worth of a babiDADDI.

Common Perception makes babidaddi a name people would rather not be called because of careless mistakes people have made in life where their children are concerned.

The only thing my daughter calls me is DADDI and I call her my babi. No matter how the world makes it seem, it is an affirmative word when you're a positive babiDADDI. For all the men who still are proud to be called a babiDADDI, those daddies that have custody of their kids, those who do their best to support their kids in a productive and positive way. This is what’s in the name: I am going to be in my kids life no matter what the world say about babidaddi.

That’s the reason we created the babiDADDI brand, so when people read the name on a shirt or cap and understand the pride and positivity linked to the expression we slowly change that former negative perception. 

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