Representing The DADDI'S WHO TAKE Care of there kide

What does I mean

We took the "Y" out and put the "i" in babi to demonstrate 

 "i" am in my kid's life.  

The "I" in DADDI demonstrates  

"I" am helping them with there homework. 

“I” am going to there GAME. 

“I” am going to that PTA meeting

 “I” am responsible. 

I AM.    

what does this mean

Kids can tell the difference

babiDADDI (LoGo)

  •   The babi DADDI logo COLOR symbolizes all races of men. It's a way of expression for those dads who desire to show how they feel about their children. It also sends a positive message to the community and shows support to the company, babi DADDI.  


New Breed of babiDADDI


  There is a new breed of men out here. We know how it feels to not have our fathers in our lives. And because of needed paternal relationships 'WE' strongly believe in the statement "I'm going to be in my children's lives." Our presence in our children's lives is more than a show it is the needed factor to end generational curses that has plagued our nation, communities and our homes. We are here to take a stance against single mother households. We no longer want our children to be faced with hardships and the economical imbalance that single parent households face. We understand that twenty-five million children are growing up without fathers in the home. The name babiDADDI SHOULD NOT be NEGATIVE. On the contrary, the first name a child gives is DADDI. That is the stage when he does the work to be titled a father; changing diapers, fixing bottles, late night runs to the emergency room, and proud moments of his child developing with him available. Only then do we appreciate our children calling us father. WHEN YOU SEE THE SHIRT, YOU NOTICE A POSITIVE AND ACTIVE babiDADDI!   

What’s in a name? babiDADDI

What’s in a name?

  Perception makes babiDADDI a name people would rather not be called because of careless mistakes people have made in life where their children are concerned. The only thing my daughter calls me is DADDI and I call her my babi. No matter how the world makes it seem, it is not a negative thing when you're a positive babiDADDI. For all the men who still are proud to be called a babiDADDI, those daddies that have custody of their kids, those DADDIES that do their best to support their kids in a productive and positive way. This is what’s in the name. I am going to be in my life on matter what the world say about babiDADDI