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When you hear the phrase ‘baby daddy’ you might think of children without father figures. Rather than explaining the negative stigma, reiterating statistics, and the behavioral problems connected to lack of parental support, babiDADDI pushes for a change. The babiDADDI movement works toward preparing future adults to face life with the confidence and self esteem that growing up with a participating dad can provide. To become a father, you first need to be a good baby daddy.  babiDADDI is the constant growing process to becoming a father. College

students don’t go to school one day, declare themselves doctors and expect to work at hospitals the next day. Daddihood is no different: it’s the grey area, allowing room for error and improvement. Once this perspective spreads, families can take a more positive approach when it comes to be a functional unit of the community.  

For this purpose, funds are being currently raised and 10% of our profit is destined to actions like giving talks at schools to raise consciousness on consequences of unplanned paternity amongst teenagers; and also creating and sharing comprehensive content through several media channels to inspire guided action.

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There are many ways to be part of the babiDADDI movement, and being a supporter is a very rewarding one. Our goal is to improve of our community by bringing the families close together.

Our work consists on creating connections between babiDADDIES, who want to be part of their children’s lives, and the necessary knowledge and services for this purpose. We do it by facilitating the encounter of the right sources and the ones in need of such information. We understand that no man can accomplish more than an united community.

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Being a member of the babiDADDI movement will give you the tools and support to align your life with the purpose of being the steady father figure your children can rely on. May it concern material or emotional support, we can help you achieve this empowering position.

The way for this big improvement is through information and connection. Our job is to seek the experts and make the bridge for you to reach the resources they have to offer.


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Exclusive access to informative content concerning the custody procedures and self improvement, created under the counseling of specialists on the topic.

We add your contact to our network roll so you get prioritized when one of our partners and sponsors need help on your field of expertise. This service is offered on our ‘members only’ page on Facebook. We make the connection happen and you get to give your child better opportunities in life.

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