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  When you hear the phrase ‘Baby Daddy’ most people think of children without father figures. Rather than explaining the negative stigma, reiterating statistics, and the behavioral problems connected to lack of father figures, babiDADDI pushes for a change. The babiDADDI movement works toward preventing fathers from becoming extinct. To become a father, you first need to be a good baby daddy.  ‘Baby Daddy’ is the constant growing process to becoming a ‘Father’. College students don’t go to school one day, declare themselves doctors and expect to work at hospitals the next day. DADDIhood is no different. ‘Baby Daddy’ is the grey area, allowing room for error and improvement. babiDADDI fights and advocate for fathers to be a part of their children’s lives.  Currently funds are being raised for #ThebabiDADDI Movement.  Support the movement by purchasing babiDADDI merchandise. 10% of all purchases goes towards the babiDADDI Movement. If you would like to donate directly to the MOVEMENT Call (214) 384-2446 Or PayPal (  I appreciate and thank you for your support  

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